refuze carb blocker review

Refuze Carb Blocker Review

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Refuze Carb Blocker Review

An effective way to lose weight is by using a carb blocker supplement to stop your body absorbing calories from carbohydrates. We’re conducting a Refuze carb blocker review to see if this product qualifies for our approved list.

Let’s take a look at the top level pros and cons of this product:

Refuze Carb Blocker Benefits:

  • Uses proven carb blocking ingredients
  • Suitable for evening and nighttime usage
  • Works with just 1 capsule
  • Free from harmful chemicals seen in other carb blockers
  • Helps significantly reduce calories absorbed
Refuze Carb Blocker Drawbacks:

  • Needs to be taken 20-25 minutes before a meal
  • No money-back guarantee

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Some Quick Information On This Product

Refuze is a carb blocker supplement produced in the United Kingdom by a company named Astral Nutrition. The product is designed to help users absorb less calories from the carbohydrates in meals. Carb blockers are an effective way to lose weight because simply taking a couple of pills per day can result in you cutting hundreds of calories from your daily intake without really having to make any significant effort. When you combine this with a good fat burner and diet shake, you’re onto a winner!

Is Refuze Carb Blocker A Good Product To Help Me Lose Weight?

Our refuze carb blocker review team have stated that this product is a great way to lose weight. As we said earlier, carb blockers are a great way to literally chop hundreds of calories off your daily intake without really having to try. The vast majority of us consume carbs everyday as our main provider of energy, imagine knowing that 25% of those carbohydrate calories aren’t even being absorbed? The great thing about refuze is that it does not contain any of the harmful ingredients that we typically see in other products.

What Are The Refuze Carb Blocker Ingredients?

The ingredients per 1 capsule are as follows:

White kidney bean extract – 500mg
Vitamin C – 150mg
Guarana – 40mg
Caffeine – 2.2mg
Chromium – 30mcg

Although there is caffeine in this product, it’s a tiny 2.2mg – this caffeine looks to be from the guarana. This amount of caffeine will be unnoticeable and will not effect users ability to sleep or relax, therefore we believe this product is more than suitable for evening and nighttime usage.

What Are The Refuze Carb Blocker Side Effects?

Based on the ingredients, our refuze carb blocker review team have concluded that this product should be side effect free. There are no ingredients within this product that cause any concern.

What does Refuze Carb Blocker claim to do?

Without getting too technical, Refuze claims to help its users reduce the calories that their body absorbs by inhibiting the enzymes that help digest them. This means that instead of being absorbed into the body, they are processed through and out your system.

Are There Any Reviews From Customers?

We have found the following feedback left on the astral nutrition website

Olly on Mar 09, 2017
Lost 3KG using this product

Aymun Khan on Mar 08, 2017
I’d been using this product before my lunch, just 1 capsule, and i’m down 3KG. I’m using this with the ultimate weight loss bundle and seeming amazing results. Very happy so far.

Where Can I Buy This Product?

This product is available from the Astral Nutrition Website, Amazon UK and in at most good health food retailers.

Our Conclusion.

To sum up, we believe that this product is a great little way to drop some weight. It’s a simple way of reducing the amount of calories your absorb on a daily basis, which in time will lead to weight loss. We would recommend combining this product with a solid fat burner and diet shake to maximise your weight loss results, however it is still a great product to be used independently.


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