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Leptigen Review

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Leptigen Review

With a flashy website, word on the street, and a deluxe price tag, we’ve had a lot of requests flooding in to do a Leptigen review.  So, is the product all it claims to be?  Will it clinically shred fat off your body?  Is it worth the sizable price tag?  Read on. 

Let’s take a look at the top level pros and cons of this product:

Leptigen Benefits:

  • Energy boost
  • Contains Chromium
Leptigen Drawbacks:

  • Offensively expensive
  • So-called “free trial” very tricky to cancel
  • Probably won’t produce any weight loss results 
  • Has a very scammy feel about it
  • Possible negative side effects

leptigen review

Some Quick Information On This Product

Before we start our Leptigen review, it’s only fair we give you some top-level information on this product and the company behind it.

It seems as though we have a new kid on the block in the world of weight loss pills.  Leptigen, and its website, have all the classic hallmarks of a scam product; it promises “safe and effective weight loss” using some kind of breakthrough scientific formula (source), the price is extortionate, and it constantly has to reassure you that there’s a reliable money back guarantee (Spoilers; there is, but it has been reported by customers that it’s been almost-impossible to get in touch with the company to get the refund, more on this later).

Speaking of the price, when we first saw it we almost swallowed our tongues because we were laughing so hard.  When their “best offer” is $89.95 per bottle, you just have to let out a little chuckle.  God help the poor souls who’ve been duped by the, admittedly, attractive marketing scheme into buying a few bottles.

If you do buy their product and realize it doesn’t work, your attempts to claim a refund will most likely be met with deafening silence.  There are reports online from unhappy customers trying desperately to get a reimbursement, but they’re essentially shouting at themselves in the dark.  The Leptigen website may say the offices are open all week, but many people have been told that they’re closed when they phone up.  How convenient.  What’s worse is when people try to cancel their free trials, they find it incredibly hard to do so and as such end up getting billed full price when it comes to an end.

The Leptigen Free Trial Scam

Our Leptigen review team dug deeper into this so called “trial” – they found that Green Bracket LLC, the company that makes Leptigen, responded to industry regulator BBB’s questions in regards to the huge amount of disgruntled customers with the following statement:

a small percentage of customers who sign up for our offer believe they will get our product for “free”. (It should be noted we have never used the terms “free” or “risk free” in any part of our marketing language.) When this person who believes the product is free then gets billed 14 days later, they become angry and can be difficult to please. – Green Bracket LLC, 2016 (source)

So there it is folks, they claim the trial isn’t actually free.. but they absolutely DO NOT make that clear on the website.

Let’s take a look at their Leptigen sample landing page:

Leptigen Trial Scam

(Screenshot take 15th March 2017)

Can you see anywhere on this page that discloses that you will be charged for this sample? That’s right, you can’t. That’s because it’s not there. This page is clearly designed to trick and mislead potential customers into entering their details, while they assume they’re receiving a free sample. In reality, this isn’t a free sample.. this is a paid sample that they later charge you for.

Green Bracket LLC went on to state to BBB

“we state our Terms and Conditions clearly and conspicuously throughout our marketing language”

This is a laughably false statement. As of 2017, no mention of the terms of this sample are given on any page of their website. In fact, their current webpage doesn’t even have a terms and conditions page.

To confirm we weren’t just not seeing the terms page, we used software to scrape a list of every page on the Leptigen domain. Below is what we found:

Leptigen Website Scape Results

The results confirmed our suspicion. If you look through this list you won’t see a “terms and conditions” page at all. Looks like the statement above from Green Bracket LLC was a total lie.. who would have thought.

Putting it simply, this product trial is a big effort to mislead people. This company is well versed in unethical behaviour and should be publicly criticised at every opportunity.

Leptigen (Green Bracket LLC) Company Facts

– Leptigen is produced by Green Bracket LLC, a company based at 4061 Laguna St, Coral Gables, FL 33146, USA.

Green Bracket LLC also own the popular review website “Diet Spotlight” – a website that reviews other diet pills. Diet Spotlight is nothing but a shill for the Leptigen product; it exists solely to discredit every other product on the market and to recommend Leptigen to consumers interested in diet pills.

– The company has a hideous track record of running less-than-honest diet pill ventures. Their last product, Avesil was shut down due to massive negative publicity. To date, Green Bracket LLC have over 90 customer complaints filed against them (Source, BBB Business Profile)

Is Leptigen A Good Product To Help Me Lose Weight?

Absolutely not, but it is a good way to lose all the money in your bank account. It is a good way of ruining your credit score!  Despite claiming to have a breakthrough scientific formula, all Leptigen offers is an effective blueprint for aspiring online low-lives in their academic pursuit in learning how to steal their way to a new European super car.  In terms of actual weight loss, Leptigen is useless in a comical way. Sure, the supplement contains stimulants that will boost energy (some caffeine and green tea extract), but what doesn’t these days?  It’s so common and widely used that we rarely see products that don’t include these two ingredients.

What Are The Leptigen Ingredients?

The listed ingredients in Leptigen are as follows

  • Meratrim (sphaeranthus indicus and garcinia mangostana)
  • ChromeMate (Branded chromium)
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Caffeine

We asked our Leptigen review team to analyse these ingredients, so we could come to a solid conclusion on how effective this product is for weight loss.

– Meratrim® – a proprietary blend consisting of two different fruit and flower extracts. A study that was sponsored by InterHealth (the company that makes Meratrim®) showed that this product can help people lose more weight when compared to dieting alone. Call us sceptical, but we personally don’t tend to trust studies sponsored that have been produced by manufacturers. To our knowledge there have been no completely independent studies into this ingredient.

– ChromeMate – helps regulate blood sugar levels and contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism. While these are great for general health, chromium does not directly contribute to weight loss.

– Green Tea Extract – a stimulant ingredient seem in most products on the market. This ingredient will help boost energy levels and alertness.

– Caffeine – much like Green Tea Extract, Caffeine is another stimulant added into this product. It will further work to boost

What Are The Leptigen Side Effects?

Despite the ridiculous claim on the official website that there are no side effects, the truth is very different.

Side effects include; Vomiting, stomach aches, intestinal pain, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, tiredness.

So yes, not exactly side-effect absent.

There has not been any conclusive research into the side effects of Meratrim either, meaning the health risks to humans and the side effects are literally unknown.

What does Leptigen claim to do?

Our Leptigen review team found that the product claims to: burn fat, boost energy and overall help you lose weight.  In other words, it claims to give you the secrets to the fitness universe on a golden platter.  The reality is quite different, of course.

Are There Any Reviews From Customers?

We believe that the Leptigen reviews testimonials on the official website are fake or heavily moderated. They are overly positive and we have seen nothing but the polar-opposite on many other public forums and comments sections.  Look a little further afield and you come across more genuine reviews, usually explosively negative, from disgruntled customers who have realized they’ve bought into a scam.

“They are a scam. I received product and rang to cancel any more shipments and you can never reach them as they keep saying the office is closed even though it is in their working hours that they state in their phone message. They charged me for another shipment and I haven’t received. I have had my bank change my account so future payments cannot be taken out”

“LEPTIGEN IS A SCAM. THEY HAVE SLICK PROFESSIONAL ADS! You think you are dealing with a professional company. Signed up for the trial and immediately emailed to cancel the autoship after I got the product. Low and behold about 2 weeks later they charged the autoship to my account.”

A quick dive into internet comment sections shows that there are even more burned customers of Leptigen.

leptigen review testimonial image

See Jano’s statement “..filthy scammers need to be shut down”? Well that’s exactly what happened to Green Bracket’s last venture “Avesil”. We suspect authorities may shut down Leptigen soon as well.

Where Can I Buy This Product?

You can buy Leptigen on their official website, but we suggest you run a mile.  Run far, far way and never look back.  Spend your money on something nice for yourself, like a nice new outfit, or one of those cool leather armchairs with a mini-fridge in the arm.  We believe that paying the frankly enormous Leptigen pricetag is no different than flushing it down the toilet, especially when there are other products on the market that are better for 10% of the cost.

Our Conclusion.

To conclude our Leptigen review, we do not recommend people use this product. The company has a terrible track record for customer service, and although they offer a money-back guarantee many people have reported that the company were unresponsive when they requested the refund.

The parent company are actively deceiving people.  Our Leptigen review team established that the so-called “free trial” isn’t free at all – you’ll find yourself getting billed at full price. The claims of Leptigen incorporating a break-through scientific formula specifically designed to make you lose weight are total nonsense.  Everyone should not only avoid this product like the plague, but spread the word of the underhanded tactics this company employs.  The more people who know just how big a scam this thing is, the better we can regulate the fitness and weight loss industry in the future so fewer people get burned.

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