leanbean fat burner review

LeanBean Female Fat Burner Review

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LeanBean Female Fat Burner Review

We’ve had numerous requests from readers to conduct a Leanbean Female Fat Burner review.  Apparently this product has quite the positive reputation!  But is it all it’s cracked up to be?  Lets dive in.  

Let’s take a look at the top level pros and cons of this product:

Leanbean Female Fat Burner Benefits:

  • Reduced Appetite and Faster Metabolism
  • Safe and efficient ingredients
  • Works with vegetarian/vegan diets
  • Discounts and promotions on multi-box orders
Leanbean Female Fat Burner Drawbacks:

  • Money-back guarantee only available when you buy the three month supply
  • Caffeine might effect sleep if taken straight before bed

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Some Quick Information On This Product

According to social media Leanbean is a professionally formulated fat burner designed for active women and sold all around the world. The product is also made in FDA registered facilities (always a good thing to make sure of for when buying a supplement).
Our initial impressions were good. We liked the feel of the website, the packaging is classy and there seems to lots of third party endorsement. That being said none of this matters unless the product lives up to the hype and delivers good results. So let’s not waste any time and find out

Is Leanbean Female Fat Burner A Good Product To Help Me Lose Weight?

In short, yes. Our testing team would recommend this product for women looking to lose weight.
We really like the ingredient profile of Leanbean. There’s generous but sensible dosing, and compounds that compliment each other too. The biggest thing we noticed with Leanbean was that it was very effective for suppressing appetite, it also has the added advantage of spiking your metabolism, but not so much that we were rushing to the WC every 5 minutes. There’s also plenty of energy boosting properties with Leanbean which is ideal for those intending to use it alongside a workout regime.

What Are The Leanbean Female Fat Burner Ingredients?

Leanbean claims that all its ingredients are backed up by scientific studies and after researching it that does seem to be legitimate. Some of the ingredients our team was already familiar with, a couple were completely new to us. We’ve previewed a few of them here;


We hadn’t seen Turmeric in any fat burner we’d tested before. We think that’s most likely because it has just become popular very recently. If you look into this ingredient you’ll find a lot of scientific studies linking it to weight loss and just about every other ailment for that matter. It’s supposed to work on a cellular level to target excess fat tissue.

Green coffee

This is one of the hottest weight loss compounds in the world right now; the active ingredient is Chlorogenic acid and has been at the centre of various randomized studies.

Cayenne Pepper

Spices like cayenne are great fat burners. They have ‘Thermogenic’ properties and help you shift fat by increasing your metabolism. Cayenne is also effective at reducing appetite.


This one’s an out an out appetite suppressant which we’ve seen before. It’s very high in fibre and bulks up your food to make sure you feel satisfied after eating. Various members of our testing team reported a significant reduction in appetite whilst taking Leanbean.

Black Pepper

Another spice, the main reason for its inclusion is that it is meant make the fat burning effects of Turmeric more potent.

Raspberry Keytones

This ingredient actually packs quite a punch, We’ve known people that have tried pure Raspberry Keytones in large doses and not felt great afterwards. Presumably this is why Leanbean only includes quite a small amount of it.

What Are The Leanbean Female Fat Burner Side Effects?

We didn’t see any side effects with Leanbean but make sure to follow the directions when it comes to taking them.

The product also has the added benefit of using vegan friendly capsules making it suitable for people on strict diets.

Are There Any Reviews From Customers?

We found lots of positive reviews of the product from various sources, including the company’s website, social media and other third party websites.

Whilst we cannot fully verify the authenticity of each and every one the depth of positive content makes us feel they more than likely stack up.

Where Can I Buy This Product?

You can buy this product on the official LeanBean website (www.leanbeanofficial.com).

Our Conclusion.

Girls are always more cautious than guys when it comes taking supplements and lots of us are put off by anabolic, stimulant stacked products. If you’re looking for a product to add to your fitness armoury and to help you with your weight loss in a safe and natural way, then we feel Leanbean is a winner. It’s got a unique approach to fat burning and if you stick to the routine the results should come.

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