hollywood diet drops review

Hollywood Diet Drops Review

Terrible Product
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Hollywood Diet Drops Review

A new craze – diet drops are sweeping the weight loss industry. Can these little drops cause weight loss? In this Hollywood Diet Drops review we’re doing some deep analysis to find out the low down on this product.

Let’s take a look at the top level pros and cons of this product:

Hollywood Diet Drops Benefits:

  • None – complete scam product 
Hollywood Diet Drops Drawbacks:

  • No ingredients in this product will work for weight loss
  • Company has flooded their Amazon listing with hundreds of fake positive reviews
  • Product doesn’t come with directions of usage
  • Very expensive scam
  • Many false and purposely misleading claims are being made about this product
  • No money-back guarantee
  • We could not find any solid information of the manufacturer

hollywood diet drops review

Some Quick Information On This Product

This product is available on Amazon and is pretty much one of the first results when anybody types in “Diet Drops”. The whole concept of this product is that users would, presumably (they didn’t provide directions of usage) use these drops at regular intervals throughout the day in order to boost their metabolism and burn fat.

Sadly the presumption that this product boosts metabolism, burns fat and suppresses appetite is completely false. The manufacturers may claim this is what the product does, but in reality this product does absolutely nothing at all. It’s a complete fraudulent scam and we’re not afraid to let people know that. To be honest, you’ve probably figured that out by now based on the many typo’s on the product listing page.. it doesn’t exactly seem like a company with integrity now does it?

In fact, ANY diet drop product is a scam. Why? Because drops are a completely ineffective and outright dangerous way to administer dosages – they’re inaccurate and usually completely under-dosed. What’s more is that it’s completely impossible to tell the ingredients used, or for any third party authority to properly audit the formula to ensure it has no bad, dangerous or illegal ingredients inside.

Are Hollywood Diet Drops A Good Product To Help Me Lose Weight?

No, not even a little bit. This ingredients used in this product are absolutely ineffective. We cannot even believe that the manufacturers, Nutrientwise (oh the irony of that company name) have the audacity to make weight loss claims about this product. Below, we analyse the ingredients used in this product and explain why it’s useless.

What Are The Hollywood Diet Drops Ingredients?

We have found the following ingredient information via the Amazon product listing page:

Amount Per Serving 60 %DV, Proprietary Amino Blend <1ml , Vitamins B12, Mag -Phos, Nat

Looking at these ingredients we can see the product contains a laughable two ingredients – one “amino blend” (exactly which aminos they do not disclose) and vitamin B12. That’s it. As our Hollywood Diet Drops review team stated earlier, this product is completely ineffective for weight loss.

What Are The Hollywood Diet Drops Side Effects?

There shouldn’t be any side effects to this product, this is  because it only contains amino acids and vitamin B12.

What does Hollywood Diet Drops claim to do?

Nutrientwise claim that their Hollywood Diet Drops do the following:

  • Cause weight loss
  • Burn Fat
  • Cause weight loss while you’re sleeping

These claims are obviously all fake. The drops in reality will do nothing.

Are There Any Reviews From Customers?

We have found the following Hollywood diet drops review testimonials:

By Mark Bartletton 16 December 2015
I notice all the positive reviews are from new Amazon accounts that have only ever reviewed a single product – this bottled “miracle”.

By Amazon Customer on 11 December 2015
Verified Purchase
Don’t waste your money disgusting stuff not working at all its a scum and it must be removed from amazon really not happy wasted my money

As we have stated earlier, this product clearly has hundreds of fake reviews, probably paid for via the manufacturer to boost sales. It is impossible for this product to deliver weight loss results to users due to a completely ineffective formula. Looking at the reviews for verified purchasers, we can see a whole different story.

Where Can I Buy This Product?

You can purchase the Hollywood Diet Drops from Amazon.. But please don’t!

Our Conclusion.

To conclude our Hollywood Diet Drops review, this product is absolutely abysmal. A complete scam from start to finish. You will not lose any weight while using this product.

If you’re looking for great weight loss results, we recommend you get yourself a solid fat burner pill – you may want to check out our top rated fat burner Thermaxin.


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