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Clinico Gastric Band Pill Review

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Clinico Gastric Band Pill Review

Clinico have been super popular lately.  They’ve been posting a bunch of stuff online about how amazingly effective their so called Gastric Band Pill is at achieving dramatic weight loss in a short period of time.  We just HAD to get to the bottom of this one.  Here’s our review. 

Let’s take a look at the top level pros and cons of this product:

Clinico Gastric Band Pill Benefits:

  • None.
Clinico Gastric Band Pill Drawbacks:

  • It’s a total scam.
  • It’s not real.
  • Massive waste of money.
  • Clinico is a fraudulent company.

clinico gastric band pill product image

Some Quick Information On This Product

Clinico is an extremely fraudulent and sketchy company based in Birmingham and owned by Jeffrey and Sandra Newton, and it seems that this pair have completely missed the memo on how to run a reputable and honest business.  What’s more interesting is Clinico Ltd. is actually dissolved, according to  The closest company we can associate the pair to is a certain Holly Enterprises Ltd. so we’re assuming this is the actual company you’re dealing with.  We cannot find any real information on Holly Enterprises Ltd. nor does the Clinico website list them as a parent company.  This is probably a diversion tactic, a way to hide nefarious activity in case the authorities come a’knockin’.

This is perhaps one of, if not the most ridiculous products we’ve ever come across in all our time in this industry.  It is a scam from top to bottom, and not even a convincing one.  In fact, we were literally laughing out loud as we read the print on Clinico’s website; it’s that terrible.

Clinico claims this product is “changing lives with scientific herbalism”.  Can anyone explain to us what scientific herbalism means?  Nobody?  That’s because it’s a nonsense term, concocted and invented by Clinico to make this product seem like some sort of amazing scientific breakthrough.  In reality, it means nothing.  Scientific herbalism isn’t a thing.

There’s also a totally legitimate video testimonial on the website from a woman named “Christie”.  She claims, in a totally robotic and rehearsed voice, that the Gastric Band Pill is essentially a miracle pill that helped her lose over a stone in no time whatsoever.  She then praises Clinico as a “great company” and says she’d told all of her friends to buy it.  Needless to say, if you couldn’t detect our sarcasm, this video is also a huge lie.  We don’t know who “Christie” really is, but she’s certainly not a genuine customer, and the things she is saying have obviously been scripted.  Poorly.

Perhaps most hilarious of all is the up-selling of an audio CD named the ‘Mental Gastric Band’.  This is a subliminal messaging CD designed to train your brain into losing it’s appetite for food.  The owners of Clinico must love the movie Hocus Pocus because that’s exactly what this is.  The thought of listening to a therapy CD after taking one of these fake pills is just a ridiculous mental image.

Is Clinico Gastric Band Pill A Good Product To Help Me Lose Weight?

Absolutely not.  It’s a nothing product.  It’s a fake pill.  The marketing is so over the top that no person with any sort of agency should take it seriously.  We’ve seen absolutely no evidence whatsoever that this product contains any sort of so-called fat burning ingredients, or that it’s been developed with any breakthrough scientific formula, or as Clinico would say “scientific herbalism”.  Just the nerve of these people to claim that taking these pills is in any way comparable to having an actual gastric band fitted is ludicrous.

What Are The Clinico Gastric Band Pill Ingredients?

We have absolutely no idea.  That information is conveniently missing from the product description!  It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the reason for this is because the product has no real ingredients included.  Rule number one for health supplements; you MUST tell your customers what they’re putting inside their bodies.  Failure to do this is HIGHLY illegal, unethical and most importantly, dangerous.

What Are The Clinico Gastric Band Pill Side Effects?

We dread to think of how dangerous this product could potentially be when taken continuously over a longer period of time.  Obvious side effects include; nausea, light headedness, stomach aches, dizziness and headaches.

Truth be told, the mysterious ingredients of this pill could cause anything to happen to you.  There’s no way of knowing whether this pill is safe to take when the company doesn’t even provide the exact ingredients.

We highly, highly recommend you DON’T buy this product under any circumstances.

What does Clinico Gastric Band Pill claim to do?

Like we’ve already mentioned, Clinico claim this product stimulates massive weight loss in an extremely short period of time, requiring minimal effort from you.  Needless to say, these claims are total lies.  Once again we must stress that this industry is littered with scam companies and products like this.  They are set up very quickly in order to grab as much cash from naive buyers as fast as possible.

The only difference between this company and other scam artists is their website.  Usually companies like this set up extremely flashy website in order to project a legitimate feel to customers.  Clinico’s website however, looks like it was made in 1995.  It is so poorly made, so cheap looking, all the images used are extremely low resolution; these people haven’t even tried that hard.

Are There Any Reviews From Customers?

We found the following fake reviews on Clinico’s website.

“I ordered 2 months worth of the Gastric Band Pills which took effect from day one. Felt fuller for longer and did not feel the need to snack or crave junk.  This is by far the best weight loss product I have tried” *…Mrs T W London.

“Thank you so much.  Since I ordered my first lot of pills I am really impressed. thats why I ordered more , and my daughter is going to try them too.  I would recommend you to anyone looking to lose weight.  This is what I have been looking for and after so many failed diets I have finally found something good” *…Mrs S.L Lodge Park

“Just to let you know how pleased I am. Its not a problem losing weight at all when you dont feel hungry and I am really glad I found you.  I have told everyone I know about your slimming pills and I hope this helps your business” * …..Miss L R. Coventry.

Where Can I Buy This Product?

You can buy this product on Clinico’s official website, although we strongly suggest you stay as far away as humanly possible.

Our Conclusion.

This product is the worst example of a scam.  The Clinico company is pulling a fast one on poor, naive people who are looking for a solution to their weight issues.  It’s quite frankly disgusting how shameless Clinico are being.  They’re frauds and they need to be called out in public.  Every claim they make is unfounded nonsense, every positive review is fake. Do not trust anything these people say, and tell everyone you know to avoid them at all costs.  This product is most likely dangerous, as its ingredients are conveniently missing from any public description.  On top of all that, it’s ridiculously expensive, so expensive that even if this was a genuine product it wouldn’t be worth it.  Garbage.

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