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Animal Cuts Review

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Animal Cuts Review

One of the more popular review requests from our readers has been Animal Cuts by Universal Nutrition.  This product has been on the market for a while and has undergone several revisions, for this Animal Cuts review we’re looking at the latest one.  

Let’s take a look at the top level pros and cons of this product:

Animal Cuts Benefits:

  • Gives a substantial energy boost
  • Helps you feel more alert in the gym
Animal Cuts Drawbacks:

  • Questionable weight-loss results
  • Pretty heavy side effects
  • Expensive
  • No refund policy

Animal Cuts product image

Some Quick Information On This Product

The newest offering from Universal Nutrition, which has been a pretty stable industry favourite since 1977, has been doing quite well on the Internet.  Animal Cuts, with its cool can design and sexy list of benefits and promises seems very appealing to the casual buyer.  But just how effective is the product at fat burning, it’s primary purpose?  Well, unfortunately, it falls below par in that area as our Animal Cuts review team found out.

Is Animal Cuts A Good Product To Help Me Lose Weight?

The main reason people buy this product is because they believe it will help them lose a significant amount of weight.  In our experience, it doesn’t.  It does provide you with a substantial amount of energy however, energy that can be channeled into intense workouts, but then again, what product on the market doesn’t do that?  We dare say you could get just about the same amount of workable energy from a strong cup of coffee or energy drink.

Any weight-loss journey should be undertaken with the knowledge that supplements won’t give you the body of your dreams on their own, you must implement an effective fitness and diet regime alongside them.  Unfortunately, Animal Cuts has been marketed in such a way that customers could be forgiven into thinking all they have to do is pop a few pills on a Sunday afternoon, lie on their sofa and wait for their long lost abs to emerge from their blubbery prison.  It’s not going to happen.  This may be seen as false advertising my some; certainly dishonest by others, but sadly typical to most of us who work in this industry.

So can Animal Cuts help you lose weight?  In theory, yes, but only if you go hard at the gym and stay committed to a strict diet – but you’d lose weight doing those things anyway without taking the supplements.

What Are The Animal Cuts Ingredients?

Thermogenic Complex – Caffeine Anhydrous*, Kola Nut*, Guarana*, Yerba Mate*, Cocoa Extract, Metabolic Complex – Green Tea Extract (98% Polyphenols/45% EGCG)*, Oolong Tea Extract (50% Polyphenols)*, Black Tea Extract (60% Polyphenols)*, Coffee Bean Extract (50% Polyphenols)*, Thyroid Complex – L-Tyrosine*, Olive Leaf Extract (15% Oleuropein)*, Salvia Officinalis*, Definition Complex – Hawthorne Berry*, Astragalus*, Celery Seed*, Juniper Berry*, Nootropic Complex – Choline Bitartate*, Bacopa Monniera (bacopasides A & B)*, Cocoa (containing Beta Phenylethylamine), Cortisol Inhibiting Complex – Siberian Ginseng*, Acetl L-Carnitine, Cartinine Fumerate, CCK Inhibiting Complex – Cha-De-Bugre*, Psyllim Seed Husk, Bioavailability Complex – Ginger Root*, Cayenne*, Grapefruit*,Queretin*, Naringin*, Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Red #40, FD&C Yellow #6, FD&C Red #3, FD&C Yellow #5. Made In A GMP Facility That Uses Milk, Soy, Egg, Peanuts.

While this list of ingredients may look impressive at a glance, in reality this is all very standard stuff that we see in most fat burning products on the market today.  The only difference with Animal Cuts is you are paying way more than you should be.  Despite the fancy names, none of these ingredients are anything special, nor do they produce substantial fat burning results.

What Are The Animal Cuts Side Effects?

Animal Cuts has the unsavoury habit of causing several side effects when used.

These include; vomiting, headaches, stomach pains, dizziness, diarrhea, loss of balance, light headed-ness.

Needless to say, these aren’t exactly ideal.  Even just one of these can totally derail a good workout, or perhaps dissuade you from working out at all.

What does Animal Cuts claim to do?

According to the product description;

“Make no mistake about it, Animal Cuts is unlike anything out there. It’s an uncompromising “cutting” supplement that has been designed to produce professional results for bodybuilding competitions.”

That’s pretty funny considering Animal Cuts is practically no different than most fat burners on the market.  There’s nothing unique or revolutionary about it at all!

It also claims to be a “complete fat shredding formula designed for professional bodybuilders”.

All we can say is those are very big claims for a distinctly average supplement.  We don’t believe professional bodybuilders, who are preparing for a career-making show, would seriously look twice at using Animal Cuts as an essential part of their supplement range.  It’s just not going to happen.  This product is aiming to attract regular gym goers who are perhaps a little naive about working out, and promising them the world and a few stars thrown on top.

If you’re needing a nice boost of energy before a workout, sure, Animal Cuts gives you that and then some, but you can’t seriously believe that professional athletes would swear by it.

Are There Any Reviews From Customers?

We have found the following animal cuts review testimonials on Amazon:

ByD SHEFFIELDon 18 March 2014
Verified Purchase
This product simply does not work. You will not loose weight or cut up by using it. I tried a 3 week cycle and actually felt bloated by the end, and I had put on weight! I weight trained and ran as normal and my diet didn’t change. There are other supplements on the market that are more effective than this

No noticeable changes to either weight or body fat composition after 42 paks taken as prescribed. These were taken as part of my usual 5 training sessions per week with a clean diet (~2000 calories/day, 98kg bodyweight). The only thing I experienced when taking these was an extreme sense of hunger and occasionally feeling light-headed in the gym.

Where Can I Buy This Product?

You can buy Animal Cuts on several websites and in certain bodybuilding stores. For safety we’d recommend purchasing from Amazon.

Our Conclusion.

Despite a sexy write-up and grandiose claims, our Animal Cuts review team have stated that it really is just a regular fat burner.  It’s a decent option if you’re looking for a nice boost of energy to fuel your workouts, we all need that, but its promises to get you shredded like a professional bodybuilder fall very flat indeed.

At the end of the day we recommend that you stick to shopping products on our Top 10 Fat Burners list.

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