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G’day! So you want to know a little bit about us, huh? That’s cool thanks for asking! We’re a friendly customer advise organisation who produce high quality, well researched and 100% honest product reviews on the latest fat burners, diet pills, slimming pills and diet shakes.

We look at the claims the manufacturers make and whether there’s any scientific evidence to support them, we look at how effective the ingredients are for fat loss in general, we look at other customer feedback on the products and finally we give the product a rating out of 10.

Our core mission is to help you find the best product that will genuinely help you to lose weight and lead a healthier and happy lifestyle. We exist as a completely free and impartial resource that consumers can use to guide themselves towards a smarter, safer and more effective purchase.

We have had praises sang to us many times for our work in keeping consumers safe when hunting for diet pills and weight loss shakes. Our ingredient analysis and product scam exposés being recognised by the likes of the New York Times, The Guardian and The Huffington Post.

In the four years SlimmingPillsReview has been operating we’ve quadrupled in size both in staff and in web traffic, with our website seeing over 10,000 hits per day! We host over 2,000 different product review pages on our website – if you’re looking for it, we’ve probably reviewed it!

That’s about it, really! We hope you can find the review you’re looking for, if not why not contact us and request a product review?