Top 10 Best Fat Burners

Top 10 Best Fat Burners

The Best Fat Burners We've Found

Top 10 Best Fat Burners On The Market

Finding the best fat burners on the market can be an extremely difficult task. There are literally thousands of products to choose from all promising to deliver the best results, so which product do you trust? Which product is actually worth the money?

When have taken our independent, impartial and analytical approach to hundreds of products on the market to compile a list of the very best fat burners. We’ve spend thousands of man-hours researching product ingredients, claims and manufacturer reputations so we can bring our readers the definitive list of simply the best fat burners on the market.

Out of our research comes the list below

EDITOR’S TIP: Be safe while shopping and stick to our top 10 recommended list of fat burners. Scams within the diet pill industry are rampant, many companies are fraudulent.

Top 10 Best Fat Burners

#1Thermaxin ReviewThermaxin
  • Strongest Fat Burning Formula

  • Only Contains Natural & Safe Ingredients

  • Produced Great Weight Loss Results
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    #2grenade thermo detonator reviewGrenade Thermo Detonator
  • High Quality Ingredients Used

  • Great Packaging

  • 500mg Green Tea Per 2 Capsules
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    #3CNP Pro lean reviewCNP Prolean
  • 240mg Caffeine

  • Contains Chromium

  • Boosts Energy & Reduces RPE
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    #4thermobol reviewThermobol
  • 148mg Caffeine Per Tablet

  • Contains Green Tea

  • Contains B Vitamins
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    #5Astral Nutrition Turbo T5Turbo T5
  • 1000mg Bitter Orange Per Serving

  • Powerful Thermogenic Formula

  • 200mg Caffeine Per Serving
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    #6XLS Medical Fat BinderXLS Medical Fat Binder
  • Market Leading Fat Binder

  • Helps Reduce Fat Absorbed From Food
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    #7albutarex v2 Product ImageAbutarex V2
  • Fat Burner & Pre-workout

  • Comes in loose powder form and consumed as a drink
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    #8fat metaboliser reviewFat Metaboliser
  • Powerful Thermogenic T5 Formula

  • Only Requires 3 Capsules Per Day

  • 1000mg Bitter Orange Per Serving
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    #9heat accelerated reviewHeat Accelerated
  • Decent Ingredients

  • Contains Guarana
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  • Very Affordable

  • 90 Capsules Per Pot

  • Improves Alertness & Concentration
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    How Did We Create This Top 10 List?best fat burners checklist

    Our top 10 best fat burners list has been produced by our esteemed research team. We have spent thousands of hours reviewing, analysing and ruthlessly testing every single product we could to get our hands on – and there has been literally hundreds!

    We are in the best position to state which fat burner performs the best and delivers exceptional weight loss results to users, as a result of all our research.

    Note: This list has not been monetarily influenced, nor have we made a penny from any manufacturer featured on this list. All products that appear on this list do so from their own merits.

    What do we deem to be a ‘good fat burner’? Our reviews look at four key aspects of a product to determine an overall rating out of ten.

    These aspects are:

    1. Price When we look at a fat burner, the first thing we look at is the price per bottle and how long that bottle will last a user. Typically one bottle of fat burners will last the user 30 days. In our opinion, the price of a good fat burner should always be an affordable and fair price. Price should also directly correspond with ingredients used, it’s fair to say that a fat burner that used expensive, premium ingredients would cost more than a product that simply uses cheap and lower quality ingredients.
    2. Ingredients Used – Unfortunately the fat burner industry is full of scammers, liars and cheats who sell customers nothing more than a sugar pill while promising incredible weight loss results. The most important factor in what makes the best fat burners is of course the ingredients used – once you put pretty packaging and clever marketing schemes aside customers ultimately just want quality weight loss results. We always analyse ingredients with a fine-tooth comb. Not only do we look at the ingredient selection, we also closely look at the amounts used. It’s not unusual for shady manufacturers to use an expensive ingredients in tiny, ineffective amounts just so their ingredients list can look more impressive.
    3. Performance In Our Weight Loss Test – We conduct tests that make the products speak for themselves. Every product we look at gets tested to see what weight loss results it produces for our research team. Team members will use the product typically for 30 days, we record their body weight numbers before and afterwards so we can compile a results table that shows any weight loss or gain during the 30 days of usage.
    4. Manufacturer reputation – Finally, we look at the manufacturers themselves. As previously stated there are a lot of less-than-reputable fat burner manufacturers out there, all claiming that their product is the best. We do our best to dive into customer feedback and other online reviews to give a clear insight into what the after-sales support is like. We also look to see if the company has any outstanding legal action or has had historic legal action taken against it.

    Readers Beware Of Diet Pill Scams

    You must be vigilant while shopping for fat burners. There are more illegitimate products that reputable ones nowadays. While we do advise you stick to our top 10 list when shopping for a good fat burner product, we advise anybody in the market for this product of product be wary of the following:

    • Fake trial periods that charge your credit card on a recurring basis without your permission

    Some companies have been offering 1-2 week free trials of their product and then billing customers after that trial expires without your permission. Always be vigilant of what you’re signing yourself up to when it comes to free trials.

    • Products that are not manufactured to ISO9001 standard

    Products not made under ISO9001 conditions could potentially be dangerous. Manufacturers should always disclose where and under what conditions their products are produced under – if they refuse this information it could potentially be a bad sign.

    • Products not disclosing each ingredients exact amount per serving

    Often when products only display a ‘proprietary blend’ it usually means they’re trying to hide something within their formula. Often companies will produce a proprietary blend when expensive ingredients are used in tiny amounts. Find out more on proprietary blends here.

    • Ridiculous and unrealistic claims in regards to weight loss/other health benefits

    Products that claim they can help you lose huge amounts of weight in short periods of time without any exercise should be avoided. Diet pills are not a miracle cure – they are designed to supplement your weight loss and need to be used in conjunction with a calorie restricted diet to deliver good results. Any company that strays from this general ethos is purposely lying and misleading you.

    • Companies that do not disclose their full contact details

    Any company that will not provide any contact details or physical location information should be avoided. There is usually a reason these companies like to remain hidden.

    In conclusion, you can’t go far wrong with any of the products on our top 10 list. Read the full review of our #1 best rated fat burner below.