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Best Appetite Suppressants

The Best Appetite Suppressants We've Found

The Best Appetite Suppressants On The Market

– Our top 5 reviewed and recommended products list (list last updated January 14th 2017).

Locating the best and most effective appetite suppressant products can be challenging. A quick google search will reveal hundreds of products, all claiming to be the best. With so many of the products being subpar our research team have collectively spend over 200 hours researching products and analysing ingredients to put together this top 5 list containing our best voted appetite suppressant pills.

Every product on this list has passed our rigorous examination process so you can be confident using any of these products.

EDITOR’S TIP: The weight loss industry has been flooded with fraudulent scam products. We recommend that all of our readers stick to our top 5 list.

Top 5 Best Appetite Suppressants


Overpwr Appetite Suppressant

Overpwr® Appetite Suppressant

• Our top rated appetite suppressant
• Powerful & effective formula
• Stimulant free means it can be used close to bedtime
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#2forza hydratrim product imageForza HydraTrim• Reasonably cheap and effective product
• Good science-backed formula
• Easily obtainable in stores

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#3XLS Medical Appetite ReducerXLS Medical Appetite Reducer• Reputable manufacturer
• Comes in smaller packs suitable for trial runs
• Uses Redusure®
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#4Alli 60mgAlli 60mg• 60mg orlistat per capsule
• Works for adults above 28 BMI
• Helps you lose more weight than dieting alone
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#5Hunger Buster Appetite SuppressantProtein World Hunger Buster Capsules• Glucomannan-based complex
• Pretty packaging
• Available from numerous reputable online retailers
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How Did We Create This Top 5 List?

This top 5 list is a compilation of our top 5 best rated appetite suppressant products. Our research team has spend hundreds of man hours analysing as many appetite suppressors that they could find in order to establish which products are worthy of our readers money. With so much time spent researching these products, we’re confident in our selection.

How do we decide what a ‘good’ appetite suppressant product is? Each of our reviews look info four key aspects.

These aspects are:

  1. Price – This is a very important aspect. We look at whether the price is in direct correlation with the cost of ingredients used. Sometimes products price points are just ridiculous compared to the formula the manufacturer has used.
  2. Ingredients Used – Another important point. Will the ingredients used within the product actually help with weight loss.
  3. Manufacturer Claims – We like to look at what the manufacturer promises for their product. Often we see companies making unrealistic claims.
  4. Manufacturer Reputation – Finally we look at who makes the product and how trustworthy they are. We look into their trading history to find out whether they have any skeletons in their closet.

Be Vigilant Of Appetite Suppressant Product Scams

There are so many scam products online at the moment, so we highly advise our readers stick to our top 5 product list, however if you do decide to shop elsewhere it is important you’re aware of some of the most common scams.

• Companies that advertise fraudulent no-obligation trial periods that go on to charge you on a recurring basis.

These free trial scams are more common than you would think. Often customers are lured in under false pretences, being promised that the product is a ‘free trial’. The trials require you to hand over your credit card details – before – they’ll ship you the sample. They then go on to bill your credit card without your permission.

• Products that aren’t produced under ISO9001 standards.

In plain english, ISO9001 = good, clean, supervised conditions. The only products you should be consuming should be ISO9001 produced – this is a matter of user safety. Scam companies often outsource production to less than reputable manufacturing facilities overseas to keep the costs down; as a result users may be given dangerous products.

• Products that has unclear labelling (eg. does not disclose each ingredients exact amount).

Manufacturers who don’t disclose ingredient information are often hiding the lack of quality ingredients within their product. The blends are called proprietary blends – they’re a blackhat practise within the industry. European legislation has already outlawed proprietary blends on product labels, users have the right to know exactly what amount of each ingredient they’re putting into their bodies.

• Companies that make unrealistic claims about what their product is capable of.

If a product is promising things that are too good to be true.. it probably is! We often companies flat out lying to their customers. Misleading customers is very common within the weight loss industry.

• Companies that purposely do not disclose their location or contact details.

If it looks like a company is actively trying to avoid releasing their location information it is usually a sign the company cannot be trusted. Often we see scam products pop up, sell their ineffective appetite suppressant products and then disappear. If you cannot locate the company you can’t get your money back.

In conclusion, this top 5 list contains products that we are happy to recommend to our readers. Any of these products will deliver good results. We do not recommend our readers stray from this list due to the large amount of ineffective products on the market.

Read the full review of our #1 best rated appetite suppressant below.

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